10 Twinning Moments of Maine Mendoza and Liza Soberano

  • February 24, 2017

Maine Mendoza and Liza Soberano are both included in the list of 25 MEGA iconic women, and they are both sensational in the entertainment industry. Maine and Liza are both hailed as icons in terms of beauty, fashion and talent. What’s more interesting about them is that you cannot deny their same taste in so many things, and this compilation is a proof!
Maine and Liza wearing camouflage jacket
A same shade of lipstick.
Maine and Liza looking edgy in full bangs!
They both posted their black and white (with wind effect) photos on their IG account.
Maine and Liza show their black cat-eye sunnies
Both are looking comfy in their plain button-down shirts.
They also know how to rock a simple white top!
Maine and Liza both worn an embellished pink ball gown!
Both ladies love beach waves.


Who's more lovely: Maine Mendoza or Liza Soberano?